viernes, 10 de abril de 2015

April 25th Spanish Party, Feria de Abril!!

Dear friends! April is not only a rainy and boring month!! 

Saturday 25th  we  will have our own "Feria de Abril 2015"(Seville April Fair),

We want to share with you this Spanish international famous party and show you a little bit of its music, dance and food.

That day we will offer typical ¨Tapas¨ and sherry wine !

If you have any  Flamenco clothes please wear it and you will have some Tapas and Sherry for free!! Make this day more interesting and feel like in Spain!!如果您有任何弗拉门戈衣服请穿上它,你将有一些免费的小吃和雪利酒!!使本周末更有趣,感觉就像在西班牙

Everybody is welcome! this event is free no ticket fee! We will have live music too. Please joint the event here!

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