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Ellery in Live, Album Fundraiser Show IV. March 14th

This Saturday 14th March, we have the luck of receive this great Songwriter , Ellery will bring the sun to our hearts and even to our weekend!!! see you all this at 20.30 in La Caja de Musica Stage!

(English below)
我的名字叫Ellery, 我是一個歌手,我彈吉他唱歌,音樂風格是自彈自唱的流行音樂,去年年底終於排除萬難錄製我的第一張個人專輯,現在已經錄了一半,預計今年6月初發片。

門票250元,含一杯酒或飲料,也包含免費下載我第二首單曲「Don’t Say」



Download the first two singles off the album:
"Don't Say" and "Mr. Vulnerable" 歡迎下載我的音樂:

SoundCloud stream:

If you like my music, please feel free to share the links on social media.

Last year I started recording my debut album. I first started playing guitar and writing songs around the age of 12. Now, finally, I am recording an album that I can be truly proud of and one that really represents my art.

This fundraiser-performance will be like previous performances: all of the money made from the entry ticket fee will go towards recording, which is of course time consuming and expensive. Let me say in advance that I am deeply grateful and honored to have the support of so many friends and fans of my music. I do not take it for granted.

250NT – Includes one free drink and a free download of my second single “Don’t Say”

After the show there will be some time to hang around, make some new friends, chat. You're also welcome to try the Spanish cuisine at the restaurant before the show. And if you’re a Spanish speaker you can practice your Spanish with the owners!

I hope to see you there and thank you again for your continued support and appreciation of my music and art.

(Address in English: Chang An West Road, Taipei City. lane 138, Alley 3)

FB粉絲專頁/ Facebook music page:

Ticket fee 300Nt with a beer or soda included, 

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