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Spanish Magic Celtic night! Friday February 20th.

Spain is not only bullfighting, paella and flamenco . Attending this event you will discover the magic of Galicia my home, is a land of enchanting forest, fairy tales with an amazing culture, mytology, history and traditions.
During this Chinese New year holidays Alaska P. (Spanish teacher resident in Taiwan) and La Caja de Musica organize an special event!
Friday night February 20th Come and enjoy the Magic of Galicia traditional food, drinks, music and rituals!

Queimada is Typical Galician drink traditionally made to shoo away witches ….while preparing queimada is set alight, slowly burns as more Orujo is added. A spell is recited, so that special powers are conferred to the Queimada and those who drink it.

The menu:
For this special day we have ,delicious ¨Feira¨ octopus, Galician omelet, vinaigrette mussels...all accompanied with Alvariño, the testiest Galician white wine, and Queimada  ( galician most popular spirits)

Live Music
Galicia is well know in Spain because his Celtic Culture that is why we will host Alexander Waits a bagpiper settled in Taipei and  from Galicia, Ana Pazo a Folk tambourine player Pandereteira.

Celtic Night ticket fee is600NT including food, a glass wine, live music and of course the powers of the Magic Queimada to start the new year full of energy and good luck.

Open doors at 18h30, Queimada will start around 20h00 and live music 21h00.

You can buy the ticket here when you arrive or reserve a table for you and your friends calling 0920885996 , e-mail

魔幻西班牙賽爾特族之夜! 2月20日週五

說到西班牙,她不僅只有鬥牛、西班牙海鮮飯及佛朗明哥舞蹈。參加此次活動,你將會發現我的家鄉,加利西亞的魔力。她是個迷人的土地,擁有著驚人的文化、 神話、歷史及傳統的童話故事。
在這個春節假期,Alaska P.(一位住在台灣的西班牙語老師)和樂盒子安排了一個特別的活動。


在這個特殊的日子裡,我們提供好吃的加利西亞風味章魚、加利西亞烘蛋,油醋淡菜…搭配著加利西亞白葡萄酒及Queimada火焰酒 (加利西亞最流行的烈酒)

加利西亞,因為她的塞爾特族文化,而在西班牙為之有名。因此這就是為什麼我們將邀請在台居住的風笛手Alexander Waits以及來自加利西亞的民間鈴鼓手 Ana Pazo用音樂與我們度過一個美好的夜晚。


電話: 0920885996
魔幻西班牙賽爾特族之夜! 2月20日週五

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