domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Mr. DC Rapier , songs from XX century , November 1st Sat

In the last concert at our stage the voice of this gentleman transport us to another times, sometimes we said the old times was better, and in this case is true, wonderfull songs from a bit long past that we can listen in a short future,  next Saturday we will have a wonderfull performance of Mr. DC Rapier, make a mark in your schedule. bring your love or friend.... and got a inolvidable night . 
DC Rapier has been performing for more than 45 years, singing and playing guitar, flute, sax and harmonica - but not all at the same time. DC’s engaging solo repertoire ranges from Tin Pan Alley to Broadway; from Beale Street to Basin Street and beyond. DC gives a personal Bluesy reading of the classic songs from the Great American songwriters; Gershwin, Kahn, Mercer, Arlen, Leiber, Ellington, Allison, Loesser, Duke and Jordan as well as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Van Morrison.

The concert will start at 20.30  , ticket fee 250 with beer or soda included.

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