lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

The Unlikely Suspects@La Caja de Musica Friday 23th

 This coming Friday 23th , The Unlikely Suspects will fill "La Caja"of  grooves, come to dance with their music!!!!!

The Unlikely Suspects
 Daniel Bowley (guitar and vocals) and Chase de Coster (drums) started playing music together at the start of 2013 and quickly realized their similarities in musical style and grew an understanding of each other’s playing. Since then, they have performed regularly alongside some of Taipei’s top musicians.
 The Unlikely Suspects play a mix of indie rock, funk, blues, reggae, jazz and afro-pop. “We want to play music that people can feel, that is real and they can move to”, says Daniel. “The greatest compliment when you are playing is being able to keep the audience’ attention because of the experience you are bringing to them. This is why we play music.” 

The concert Start at 20.30 . ticket fee , just 250 with a Beer or Soda included!. Join the event here

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