domingo, 24 de marzo de 2013

La Gitanita, Flamenco Saturday Night 30th at La Caja de Musica


La Gitanita’s first concert at La Caja de Musica this year!

La Gitanita is finally back to the stage of La Caja de Musica, bringing more flamenco music, dance, and artists this time.
Founded in 2011, La Gitanita is a group of young musicians and dancers who are in love of flamenco. In the past 2 years, they have been performing in a wide range of venues and been working with many other artists. Their goal is to provide the audience the authentic flamenco arts with their interpretation and from their point of view.
La Gitanita just finished a year-long prepared theater production and tour, and it’s time for a new start. This time more dancers will perform and new faces will be seen. Loli Lee, an experienced flamenco teacher and dancer of Semilla Flamenco Company and School, will be performing after her maternity and parental leave for her beautiful baby girl. Agustin Chu, one of the very few male flamenco dancers in Taipei, is going to add some dynamics by presenting a macho and sharp dance. Finally, Weili Hung, who has been supporting the band with stable rhythmic clapping, is going to back to stage as a dancer again.

Singer: Po-yin Chen, Lu Lee, Olga Ko
Guitarist: Yun-ping Liu
Clapping: Lu Lee & Olga Ko, Weili Hung & Po-yin Chen
Dancer: Loli Lee, Agustin Chu, Weili Hung

For music and video, please go to:
La Gitanita Facebook fan page:
Singer Po-yin Chen’s blog
Guitarist, Yun-Ping Liu’s blog

Ticket fee is 250 Ntd with a beer or soda included. The performance will start at 20.30 




歌手:陳柏因 李律 柯乃馨
舞者:李容棻 朱君天 洪瑋儷


Ticket fee is 250 Ntd with a beer or soda included. The performance will start at 20.30

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