martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

The Shiznits, Grooooovin' La Caja de Musica Friday 26th at 20.30h

The Shiznits will be playing some more funk, soul and reggae at their home away from home , La Caja de Musica.

Entrance fee is 250 nt and includes one free drink
Starts at 830pm

Guitar/vocals- Arman Torus
Guitar/vocals- Nick Brown
Trumpet- Nicolas Chenuet
Saxophone- DC "Rapture" Rapier
Hammond organ- Luis Hernando
Bass- Sean Su
Drums- Jubba

The Shiznits are a hot funk and soul band featuring veterans of the Taipei music scene. The band was formed by random jams at live music venues. The band's repertoire includes a strong collection of original songs, as well as numbers by Prince, James Brown and D'Angelo, and even a few reggae classics. Featuring the intensity of D.C. Rapier on saxophone, the explosive power of Nicolas Chenuet on trumpet, the rhythmic and funky guitar playing of Nick Brown and the soulful vocals of Arman Torus, the Shiznits' sound is driven by the rock-solid rhythm section of bassist Sean Su and drummer Daz Booker. Many of these names will be familiar to music fans in Taipei as both solo artists and members of other bands playing regularly around the city.

DC Rapier(U.S.A) is a huge voice in the blues genre in Taiwan. He also heads the band Bopomofo and Blurrs Brothers.
He is a great performer with great energy on the stage. He plays the saxophone, guitar, harmonica and who knows what else.

Nick Brown (UK) is a humble and incredibly talented guitar player, singer and songwriter.
He is in heavy demand for gigs for his full sounding guitar playing and wide musical taste.
Nicolas Chenuet(France) is a seasoned trumpet player from France where he studied music. He worked as musician before
coming over to Taiwan. The skies the limit when he starts soloing.

Daz Booker(UK) is a drummer with great dynamic and groove and a great performer. He has played for nearly a decade with the Blues Vibrations
and Wild Alibis who play regularly in venues around Taipei.

Sean Su(Taiwan) is a groovy bass player. His bass playing is a reflection of the music he likes such as Jamiroquai, Incognito and many others.
He keeps his playing sharp by helping lay bass tracks for songwriters at Live Studio.

Luis Hernando(Spain) Live and Studio autodidact musican , Soundchef who just join the band dressing the sound just like he knows do!.

Arman Torus(Canada) is a songwriter. He has been writing for many years but playing solo in Taipei has been essential to
honing his songwriting skills.

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