martes, 10 de julio de 2012

Friday July 13 th Flamenco night with Duende!

Dear all:

La Caja de Musica brings you another fantastic Flamenco night!!

They come back to La Caja de Musica    La Gitanita bring us again a fantastic flamenco show dancing and singing!

小野狂花La Gitanita
他們瘋狂而感性,對Flamenco和所有的音樂都很有興趣。於是,他們開始揉捏Flamenco的各種個性,以輕鬆玩興的風格打造出台灣Flamenco Live Concert的新浪潮。

La Gitanita is a performance group of flamenco dance and music. They’ve been performing since their debut in Taipei Art Fringe Festival 2011. They have music background in classical music, rock, Jazz, etc., but they all fell in love with the mysterious rhythm and melody of flamenco. As the youngest flamenco band in Taiwan, they keep learning, experimenting, and exploring the deep soul of flamenco, hoping to create a flamenco live show with some twist of freshness.


2012 is a challenging year for La Gitanita. New opportunities, new dynamic, and even new life are coming. La Gitanita can't wait to share their passion and energy with you again at La Caja de Musica!
Singer: Olga, Lu
Guitarist: Ivan, Yun-Ping Liu
Dancer: Olga, Lu
Clapping: Weily, Anastasia

The show will start around 20h30 on Friday 13th night. Ticket fee 250NT(one beer or soda included)

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