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June Concerts at La Caja de Musica (Stage)

Hi friends ,
Just a little entrance to anunce the concerts of this month,

June  9th Saturday :
             Jaleo :Flamenco fusion , Latin, Pop and Reggae music, the members of this band coming from Guatemala,Taiwan, Israel and Spain, pure energy and passion.

June 16th Saturday:
              Roots Rebellion:  They  perform all original reggae songs , many of their tunes were written during studio jam sessions .
The lead voice is Sherwyne Pereira of Trinidad, a charismatic singer who also leads the popular Taichung band Wailin’ Soul.
Splenda is also an experienced performer who has toured Asia and the Caribbean for many years, she sings in Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese), Chinese and  English.
The band also has a local member the singer Sunny Smalls, a Tainan native who often performs at Black Reign’s dance hall parties in Taipei
Roots Rebellion
主唱 Sherwyne Splenda 是來自加勒比海有著非常吸引人的聲音和豐富精湛的表演經驗!
同時樂團裡還有來自台灣原住民的女主唱sunny small,不同於一般女聲的藍調聲線和Splenda用中文、英文歌唱著獨特的雷鬼音樂。
June 29th  Friday
           88 Balaz(八十八/顆/芭樂籽):   "We play Rock N` Roll
 The concerts opening doors is at 20.30   , ticket fee is 250 Nt  with a beer or soft drink included.

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