miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2012

Friday Night Spanish Music!!

 Hello everybody, this month Friday11th we will have a very special band, the owners of La Caja de Musica Luis and Ramses are members of  this formation. And is rare they play all together so you can not miss this opportunity , they want to introduce themselves as JALEO!!

JALEO is a Spanish word with different meanings like "encourage clapping with gestures and voices" or kind of "messy situation, disorder"..... just perfect to express this band and their shows!!
They have influences of  Flamenco, Latin, Pop and Reggae music, the members of this band coming from Guatemala,Taiwan, Israel and Spain.

So this Friday night no excuses just to come and join the partyyyyyy!!

The concert will start around 20:30 for this event the ticket fee 250NT with one beer of soft drink included.

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