domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

On Friday 17th!!! 境外Overseas Jazz Band.

Dear all:

La Caja de Musica is going so far so good and it's because of you dear friends!!

Thanks to support  our activities specially the concerts on Friday Nights.  We keep on looking for interesting bands who wants to come here and have a good show and enjoy the music, so if you are interested please just contact with us!!

This Friday 17th around 20:30 we want to present  five Taiwanese guys making something very special, mixing Jazz and traditional Chinese folk!!
"境外Overseas Jazz band"
They have his own blog here

We meet them for the  first time one night  they come for dinner and finally we finish JAMMING together playing Cajon, Guitar and Dizi (Chinese flute). We like this band and hope you will enjoy  their creative songs, too!! They put some videos on internet.

The ticket fee for this concert is 250NT with one drink included (beer or soft drink) the show will start around 20h30.
The people make a reservation for dinner before no need pay ticket fee!!

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