miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

Friday Night come to the Jam Session!!

Dear friends!

This Friday May 27th starting at 20:30 we would like to invite everybody to Jam in our stage. Luis and Ramses will open the Jam with some Spanish songs and then the stage is all yours!!

So don't be lazy pick up your guitar, bass, percussion, your voice and come over here to play and have a good time. All kind of musics are welcome, blues, rock, jazz, funk, folk, everybody is invited to participate.

La Caja de Musica have HAPPY HOUR on Fridays night 21:00 to 23:00 BEERS 2x1!!

miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

Let's talk about TAPAS! 什麼是Tapas?

In these days  when we talk about Spanish food we always hear the word Tapas. But a lot of people don't know what's  Tapas means or the origin of this word!!

Here you can read translated in mandarin one story about the creation of the first Tapa in Spain!!


 西班牙文Tapas的原意是小蓋子的意思,傳說西班牙國王Alfonso十三世到南部風城Cadiz巡視時,來到一間Tapas Bar,點了一杯酒,酒送達時杯口上蓋了一片燻火腿,國王很好奇問為什麼,老闆說因為這裡風大怕砂子掉進杯中,國王Alfonso十三世非常喜歡這個吃法,便說:請再給我一杯有蓋子的酒! 後來Tapas慢慢演變成現在各式各樣的吃法了。


Ready to drink your wine, Sangria or beer? But remember always with Tapas is better!! Even the king knows it!

domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

巴西瓦里 Passiwali in Concert!!!

Hello friends!!

After the success of our last guest Alma Itana this Friday 20th we want to invite another fantastic Taiwanese band Chalaw&Passiwali.

They mix Latin music and Aboriginal Taiwan songs with mandarin Pop style. Their members come from different cultures and countries.

If you never listen to this band before you are missing something!!

This Friday 20th at 20h00 ticket fee 200NT
(The people who  reserve for diner no need pay ticket fee)

 Ramses, one of the owners of La Caja de Musica is Passiwali's guitar player from his first steps in Taiwan when he met Chalaw, the leader of the band, in one show three years ago.

Since that day too much concerts and good things had happened, play on Spring Scream, Ho Hai Yan Festival even they get  Golden Melody Awards(金曲獎) last year with their last album Old old Car!!

More information about Passiwali:

martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

How to contact with us or make a reservation?

Contact 連絡我們.

 地址: 長安西路138318
電話 : 0920885996 / 0975330741
營業時間  18:30至22:30  禮拜五和禮拜六到晚間12點  禮拜一公休.

La Caja de Musica
Chang An west Rd. 138 Lane, 3 Alley, N18
Tel. 0920885996 / 0975330741
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday18h30 to 22h30
Some weekends until midnight.
We close on Sundays and  Mondays.


因為經常接到大家的來電 詢問怎麼到樂盒子以及確切的地址  所以我決定為大家寫一篇詳細的介紹  有關怎麼到我們的餐廳以及訂位.


我們介於長安西路以及華陰街的中間 在這兩條路上各有一個較大的地標即位在長安西路上的台北當代美術館以及華陰街上的京站廣場.

請看以下的地圖你會看到在餐廳正確的位置上標記了樂盒子的LOGO !!








Hello everybody!!

I decided write this post because I have a lot of callings with people who can't find our Restaurant or don't know very well how to contact with us.

Location and how to come here.
The address is Chang An west Rd 138 lane, 3 alley, N 18.

We are between Chang An West Rd. and Hua Yin Street. In these streets we have two very important places that  everybody in Taipei should know, in Chang An West Rd is located the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and the Taipei Bus Station (Q Square) in Hua Yin Street.

Take a look to the map you can see our Logo (little key)at the place the restaurant is located.

Sorry the cars can not enter to this small alley!!
So if you drive car, ride scooter, motorbike you can park in these two locations MOCA or Q Square.

Taking MRT you can stop at Zhong Shan (red Line) or Taipei Main Station (red, blue lines).
These two station are communicated by the underground Metro Mall, as you can see in the map the exit R2 is very near of our place!

Make a reservation.
You have two options to contact with us and make your reservation or ask for information.

Write email to  and precise:
Date and  time of your reservation.
How many people.
Your name in Chinese or English.
Your cell phone number.

Another way is make a call to Ramses 0920.885.996 or Luis 0975.330.741
You can speak in Chinese(slowly please), English, French or Spanish!!

I hope this post help you people to find the way to come to our Restaurant and enjoy the food, the wines and  the music!!

Summer Set Menu !!

Dear friends!

This month we want to introduce our Summer Set Menu, more light, more fresh and more CHEAP!!


This menu is only available from Tuesday to Thursday the price is 600NT by person, minimum order for 2 people.

Remember our service is on evening time, we open at 18h30!!


樂盒子將在本月份向大家推出新的夏季菜單, 口感較為清爽無負擔, 同時價位也較低喔!!


供應時間自星期二至星期四, 套餐每人600, 但需二人以上才接受套餐預約.

請記得樂盒子只供晚餐 在晚上18:30以後為大家服務!!

domingo, 8 de mayo de 2011

Friday 13th!!!! Alma Itana in concert at La Caja de Musica

It's an honor and pleasure receive in our place this tremendous band!!!
Musicians from Taiwan,Spain,Guatemala,Canada,Costa Rica and El Salvador configure this multicultural group.

They are trained in many styles, great musicians who have one common point, The Flamenco Latin music, full of "Sabor" and happiness that gonna make you can't stop to dance and enjoy this night.

The concert on Friday 13th starts at 20:30.

 The ticket fee to enter is 250 NTD, one beer or soft drink is included.
The people who have reservation for dinner have free enter to the concert.

More information in the band's Facebook:

lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

First Concert in May!!

 Dear all, thank you for your presence in the last month events and we are happy to see  more and more people discover our place and visit this blog.

We continue our program of concerts in this month, this
Friday 6 at 20h00 we are glad to present another charming Taiwanese girl, Koumis.

不管好天氣 or 壞天氣

After this introduction you are ready for one of her music videos...

This show no have ticket fee don't lose this chance to have a special Friday night!!

If you want know more visit her original blog.