martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

Friday December 2th! Jam Session & Henna Tattoo experience

Hello friends:

December starts this week and as you know La Caja de Musica invites you to Jam! on the first Friday of the month. Here we have many guitars and percussion but of course you can always bring your own instrument, I remember last time we play with a  guy who comes with his Chinese violin it was pretty cool!
十二月即將從本週開始,第一週La Caja de Musica樂盒子邀請你來Jam!我們已經備有很多吉他,以及節奏樂器等著你!當然你也可以帶著你自己的樂器來同樂!記得上一次Jam活動,我們和一位超棒的南胡好手一起享受音樂!

If you bring your own instrument and Jam  we will give you one beer free man! So what more do you need?? Music, good ambiance, beer and friends!如果你帶著自己的樂器來Jam將可以得到一杯免費的啤酒!還等什麼呢?音樂、美好的氣氛、啤酒和好友!

If all of this is not enough for you this Friday December 2th we count with the presence in our Bar of one special artist, our friend Thera who can draw amazing Henna tattoos.如果這樣的活動也無法滿足你,我們本周五將向大家介紹一位很棒的藝術家─我們的好朋友Thera,她將向大家介紹印度指甲花繪染,以及背後神秘的文化,不僅如此還能親身體驗喔!
The plant of Henna  was used long time ago in the ancient Egypt to dye the hair, and also was commonly used for many centuries in areas of India, the Middle East, and Africa to paint hands and others part of the body.指甲花是一種植物,古早以前在埃及就被使用於染髮,並且在幾世紀以前即在印度、中東以及非洲,普遍使用於身體彩繪。
Thera's henna tattoos are very beautiful, she mix the traditional designs with her own creations and style. You think about make a tattoo and you are not sure, try first with this temporary henna tattoos!!! no hurt and is not expensive ;) .


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