martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

En Abril Morcillas mil !!

Yesterday Luis and me decided to cook one of the most typical dishes we can find in Spanish gastronomy, la Morcilla (blood Sausage).

I want to explain a little bit more about this delicatessen very common in my region, the province of Burgos.
Morcilla or Blood Sausage is popular like a tapa and as an ingredient in stews.

It is generally a thicker sausage stuffed with pig’s blood, rice, onions and spices, although like all Spanish cuisine, ingredients will change from region to region.  
Morcilla from Burgos has the reputation for being one of the best in Spain.

A lot of villages in all Spain, perform what is called in Spanish “la matanza” Pig slaughter. It happens in winter, and it refers to the moment when a pig is killed, and practically all parts of the animal are used to prepare different products, like “chorizo”, “jamón iberico” or “morcilla”.

Dear friends now that you know a little bit more about this delicious dish, I am sure you want to know how it tastes right? you only need to come into our Restaurant and eat one Tapa de Morcilla and drink a glass of red wine with it. 

La Caja de Musica is  the only Spanish restaurant in Taiwan make his own homemade blood sausage, a lot of work to give always the best to our costumers and friends !!

See you soon.

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  1. Buenooo pero que atrevidos sois!! Ya me gustaria probar esas morcillas. ¿De donde sacais la sangre? Habeis matado un cerdo? Espero que tengan tanto exito como lo tienen aquí, un beso restauradores.