sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011

We start this new place, new ideas , new ilusion ....

Ramses and Luis two friends from Spain  meet in Taipei city, they share the passion for the music, food and culture of Spain.  After some experiences, creating and developing ( the famous restaurant El Patio de mi Casa ), or giving advices to another people, then decide make a new project, with more possibilities to have a place where can have the chance to make expositions of art, music, etc, and of course taste the food and wines from Spain in a perfect atmosphere to enjoy it.

From this concept we create the new Restaurant : La Caja de Musica 樂盒子, one place where you can go to talk with your friends or improve your Spanish with us, share your art, your experience and passion or simply drink delicious wine with any "Tapa"...

We hope you can have the chance to visit us soon, I´m sure you will back.


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