lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

Jason Wilson , Across the paralel universe, Saturday 24th

This Saturday 24th we receive for second time to this amazing Artist,  non usual performance, One man band with just one instrument... the first time he come got all the audience atention during the whole concert .
 if you miss it, you have the chance to see it, and if you saw it, you know what im talking about.... so this Sat  in La Caja de Musica, if you like music , dont miss it, and if you like bass sound ,this concert is esential !!! a brief introduction of this great artist:
Jason Wilson is a bass player reared straight from the underbelly of the home of Krispy Kreme Donuts, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Infused with this sweet, doughy goodness for years, hes managed to become not only a player, but an orchestrator of the bass guitar, using it to create every sound, beat, mix, and overdub in real time.  Jasons songs are loops of gritty, heavy-hitting percussion, melodies marinating in moods of universal nostalgia, and grooves with enough warmth and thump to make Frankenstein shake his rump.  Joe Satriani, Living Colour, Victor Wooten and even the late painter Jean-Michel Basquiat are just a few of the influences that have shaped the direction of his music.  Upon listening, one can hear these influences literally as well as how they have indirectly saturated the tone of his music.

Jason is a sonic storyteller of sorts, inviting audiences to participate in the journey as it unravels.  Moody, emotional, and freewheeling at times, Jason always brings it back around with some juicy funk or a bass groove that wants to sit in your pocket.  Chris Newberry of Swivelized Sounds described Jasons playing as, Les Claypool meets Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Although the music itself might not always be a balanced equation, it just might stimulate intriguing reactions in those who come out for a quick listen.

The Unlikely Suspects@La Caja de Musica Friday 23th

 This coming Friday 23th , The Unlikely Suspects will fill "La Caja"of  grooves, come to dance with their music!!!!!

The Unlikely Suspects
 Daniel Bowley (guitar and vocals) and Chase de Coster (drums) started playing music together at the start of 2013 and quickly realized their similarities in musical style and grew an understanding of each other’s playing. Since then, they have performed regularly alongside some of Taipei’s top musicians.
 The Unlikely Suspects play a mix of indie rock, funk, blues, reggae, jazz and afro-pop. “We want to play music that people can feel, that is real and they can move to”, says Daniel. “The greatest compliment when you are playing is being able to keep the audience’ attention because of the experience you are bringing to them. This is why we play music.” 

The concert Start at 20.30 . ticket fee , just 250 with a Beer or Soda included!. Join the event here

domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014

Arman Torus and the Soul Pack, Saturday 17th

Hello Friends!
This Saturday 17th we have in our stage  the new band of Arman Torus, so for sure La Caja will filled of grooving and dancing sounds! lets begin the night with good vibes !

Arman Torus-guitar/vocals
Lanny Waugh- guitar
Kazuo Inoue- bass
Jubba- drums

Arman Torus and the Soul Pack is a funk/soul/reggae band that plays high quality original songs as well as popular covers. They consist of some of the most talented musicians in Taiwan.

Arman Torus is a songwriter and multi instrumentalist based out of Toronto, Canada. His songs are characterized by a mix of reggae, funk, soul and latin grooves topped by soulful vocals and colorful soloing and syncopation. He has been involved in several projects such as the electronic jazz band, Geophone, singer/songwriter Adrian Shaw, as well as his own project, the 6 piece funk band the Shiznits.

On rhythm/lead guitar is Lanny Waugh, a 30 year veteran of the Taiwan Music Scene. He has played for numerous bands over the years and is currently heading two bands, the Flat Fives and the Jelly Roll Affair.

On Bass is Kazuo Innoe. Kazuo Innoe is a talented bass player with great versatility. He subs as a bass player for many performers in Taiwan and is part of the Shun Kikuta Trio.

On Drums is Jubba. Jubba is a versatile drummer who has been part of Taiwan's music scene. He has been a member of numerous bands including Dread Rider, Dawid Vorster, The Money Shot Horns and the Bad Ass Brass Band.

In 2008, he went to Taiwan where he performed in a variety of settings both solo and as a band. Performing covers from the likes of Stevie Wonder, D'angelo, Bob Marley, James Brown and Bill Withers as well as his own songs, he was an instant hit and played some of the largest festivals in Taiwan. His songs are based on life experience as he dives into topics such as love, freedom and spiritual growth. "To write good songs you need to live the life. You can't just be in your basement. Good music comes from inspiration and inspiration comes from experiencing the world, its trials and tribulations".

concert will start at 21.00 , bring your shoes of dance on... ticket fee just 250 with a beer or soda included!

Join the event on fb  here

lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

David Karpay , songs not just for mothers ;) Saturday 10th

This Saturday is mother's day and even will have a intimate concert at La Caja, for first time in our stage , David Karpay, will give you the perfect night end for a so special day, bring your mom, or boyfriend, girlfriend, or the one you want , but the most important, dont miss it!
a brief introduction about David K.:

Currently studying Chinese in Taiwan, David Karpay (裴山) spent the majority of his childhood and young adult life in the US playing music with his twin brother, Robert Karpay. David has been playing acoustic guitar for nearly ten years, but only recently started writing his own music and performing solo. His musical influences include Simon & Garfunkel, Iron & Wine, and other "A & B" groups. His life influences include successful breakups, the feelings of motion and acceleration, and, most recently, Chinese numbers.

Concert will start at 20.30 , ticket fee 250NTD with a beer or soda included.