viernes, 21 de octubre de 2016

Love night, Latin music with Musa@La Caja 27th Thursday

假如你喜歡纏綿多情、繾綣浪漫的拉丁音樂,10/27 星期四,Musa 與他的音樂夥伴們將在「樂盒子」的舞台上,帶來一系列私房精選。當天還會有一位神秘嘉賓,在小週末的夜晚,陪大家一起在音樂中放鬆搖擺喔!


日期:10/27 星期四 8:30 pm

If you like soft, romantic latin music, on Thursday 10/27 Musa will be playing a selection of his personal favorites with 大頭 on Bass and  阿貴 on Congas and percussion. 
PS: There will be surprise guest singers...

The concert begin at 20.30 , ticket 300 Nt with 1 beer or soda included.

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domingo, 16 de octubre de 2016

Balkazar, fire on your dancing shoes!@La Caja de Musica, Saturday 22th.

Balkazar is born in Taiwan thanks to a group of foreign nomad musicians united by their interest in Balkan music. The repertoire is made of covers and original songs, all branded with the unique Balkazar's flavour. Taste it, and you won't be able NOT TO dance ! More than a concert, listening to Bakazar is a journey.

Concert begin at 20:30  ticket fee 300 Ntd with a beer or soda included.
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