lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

The Red Cliff , Saturday 29th

This comming Saturday  29th we have folk/rock in the Stage, see you all in La Caja at 20.30!!!

The Red Cliff is an acoustic Anglo-American trio currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. Singers/songwriters/guitarists Mark Darvill and Caleb Cole met in the cruel harsh winter of 2009 and have been performing in and around Taipei on and off since early 2010. After a long time spent feeling that their sound was missing something, the duo recently recruited the drumming services of Moshe Foster. The result is an at times melodic, at times frenetic blend of folk and rock. Audiences have been known to leave shows feeling satisfied, contemplative or just downright good. One thing’s for sure, you will leave knowing you’ve just watched a band… or sometimes maybe not, because sometimes there’s only two of them.

Band members:

Mark Darvill: guitar/bass/vocals
Caleb Cole: guitar/bass/vocals
Moshe Foster: drums

Concert start at 20.30 , ticket fee 250NTD  with a beer or soda included.