miércoles, 31 de julio de 2013

In August arrives.... our Crazy Happy Hour's!!

Dear all:

La Caja de Musica found a radical solution to combat this hot summer in Taipei! In this August maybe most of your friends have already go out of Taiwan for holidays and you still here, working , with no plans after a hard day? and suffering this hot weather, isnt' it? Don't worry  and come to take a refreshing break All you can drink!!!!! Crazy Happy Hour's!!!.


別擔心,來樂盒子喘口氣,清涼又消暑讓您無限暢飲(all you can drink),趕快加入我們的夏日快樂時光吧!

Welcome to La Caja de Musica fromTuesday to Thursday  20:00 to 22:00 . How much it cost? just 500NT  and you could drink many fresh cocktails; Cubalibre, Gin Tonic, Whisky Coke, Sangria...or
if u are more of beer.... all you can drink draft beer!!!!. Say good bye to the hot and really enjoy the summer!.

Today we will start, so don't need to wait more!!! we have all prepared for you, and now you can escape from the routine!.

Even can make reservation :0920 885 996 

歡迎來到樂盒子 週二~週四 20:00-22:00

訂位專線: 0920-885-996 若森

During the Crazy Happy Hour ,its not possible have drinks for 2 or more people with the same ticket, the ticket its personal and non transferible.The direction keeps all the rights. Remember dont drive under alcohol effects , drink under your responsability, cant join this promotion people under 18 years old.


貼心小提醒:未滿十八歲請勿飲酒 , 喝酒不開車.

lunes, 8 de julio de 2013

July 13th Saturday Flamenco Night with Camaron de la Vega.

Dear all we continue offering very interesting shows in our little stage this Saturday we have the pleasure to introduce you ....

Camaron De La Vega is a guitarist,concert performer and composer he has played guitar for more than 20 years gathering broad experience in all styles leading him to specialise in Flamenco and Gypsy Jazz.
He has performed concerts all over the world and has recorded 2 albums of his own music. In Australia his group ‘The Gypsy Swingers’ headlined the Ozmanouche Festival for 3 consecutive years.

This plus countless touring dates across the globe has kept Camaron busy for the past 15 years. In 2007 he lived in Spain and immersed himself in the Gypsy atmosphere there, performing concerts and jamming with friends in Sevilla, Cordoba and Jerez. 
He was also based in Barcelona where he performed concerts to much acclaim. During
2004 he studied guitar in renowned Flamenco academy Taller Flamenco in
Sevilla, and spent time in Granada learning from famous local guitarists. He
then moved to England where he performed private concerts at Henley on
Thames, and in London, Edinburgh, Paris and at Montreaux Jazz Festival

So now you know your Saturday's Night plan!! Experience high energy acoustic music as Camaron combines the old songs of Andalucia with the modern sounds of Flamenco to tell the story of southern Spain through his guitar.

Camaron’s experience culminates in his original compositions that will take
your breath away and make you marvel at his virtuosic performance.
Combined with an extensive repertoire in Flamenco, Jazz and World Music,
Camaron performs an eclectic mix of both relaxing and exciting music. 

Enjoy Camaron’s performance as he both thrills and sooths with his unique sound.
The Concert will Start at 20.30  , ticket fee 250 with a beer or soda included. Want join the event in our facebook, click here