martes, 10 de enero de 2012

Order our delicious egg pudding!!!

The Chinese New Year is here and is very good opportunity to offer something sweet and tasty to your friends or family!!


La Caja de Musica makes one of the most popular desserts in Spain, children and adults everybody love eat it.

"Flan" is made with simple ingredients eggs, milk and sugar but how to combine them to  get a good egg pudding is no easy but we have  our grandmothers recipe to do it!

The pudding needs to be  baked slowly, after that we package them carefully and they are ready to be eaten!!



Special for these days we offer a box of 6 pudding for 450NT, you only need to write email or make a call 0920.885.996    0975.330.741.
Is better to order 2 days in advance and we will have your dessert ready.
Is better if you come to pick up the puddings because they are  delicate.
我們的招牌布丁外帶一盒6個裝450元,由於新鮮布丁準備需要時間,訂購請盡量於2天前和我們聯繫(電話0920.885.996 / 0975.330.741email),因為我們的布丁質地綿軟較脆弱,希望可以親自到我們店裡自取。

What are you waiting for to order!!

Our restaurant still open during Chinese New Year holidays from January 24th the opening hours as usual 18h30 to 22h30, Fridays night until midnight and on Sundays Tapas Brunch 11h55 to 16h00.

樂盒子春節期間將照常營業,124-28日晚上18h30 to 22h30129日星期天11h55 to 16h00Brunch也歡迎大家喔!

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Really happy 2011 , we wish you awesome 2012

Really happy 2011 , we wish you awesome 2012

Almost one year of hard work and a lot of ilusion.
We cant describe how happy we feel after see this article in theTaipei Times . We are between the best Restaurants Review of 2011 .
經過了幾乎一整年的期盼及努力,在得知La Caja de Musica樂盒子西班牙餐廳得到Taipei Times評論為2011最佳餐廳之一後,我們無法描述此刻感受到的開心!

All this is not possible without the most important part of La Caja de Musica, and that is you! , our costumer and FRIEND , we know  last year is just a begining , making many many good friends , and learned each day , listening the advices and improving our best  to make you feel like in home,we put all our heart in each little detail, because definetly is what  make us happy, one place to share with everybody, a place where can share experiences, where discover new friends , relax after a hard day , or find the inspiration to create , eat , listen , drink , sing , play , paint , share ....

如果沒有La Caja de Musica樂盒子最重要的一部分─你;我們的客人及朋友們,一切都不可能成真!我們知道去年只是一個開始,認識了許多的好友、每天在經驗中學習、聆聽許多關心的建議,使盡全力想讓大家有像家一般的感受。我們在每一個細節裡投注了很多的心意,這是正是我們從中感到開心的動力來源,營造 一個與大家分享的地方;一個與大家分享經驗的地方;一個發現新朋友、在辛苦工作後放鬆,或在此找到創作、品嘗、聆聽、小酌、唱歌、玩樂、做畫的地方。
Because we wish this is the end of the sadness, and angry, the hurt , lets start with all our soul!

Wish you all Happy 2012 , with all our heart .

P.D. We will open  after our vacations on January 6th ;)