miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

高山梨花 plays again at La Caja de Musica!

Hello everybody! Next Friday 29 April at 20:00 we could listen to again in  La Caja de Musica one of our favorite Bands 高山梨花!!  They are all aboriginal Taiwan people from different tribes, Amis, Beinan ....

高山梨花 take traditional songs  and play it from a personal point of view converting these songs into stylish colorful music.

Their first concert in our place was such a succes than we wanted them here to play one more time, give a chance to more people can discover this band and their also funny show, of course the persons have already know them you are wellcome, too.
Friday 29 April  around 20:00!! Remember 樂盒子 Happy Hour 21:00 to 23:00 the Beers buy one get one free!

Waiting for that day here you can see one moment of their last concert.

lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

This Thursday Reggae party with special guest! Red-I, Biang and Bushman from Taitung and Okinawa!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good vibes to everybody!!! This Thursday starting at 18:00 until you drop :)  join us in this party, with the best Reggae musicians of the island.
 Mr. Red-I, Biang and Bushman gonna bring here all the roots sound to warm our souls and hearts , don't miss the chance !!!! the concert gonna start at 20:00.
I promise will be amazing!!!!.

向大家推薦這個團:來自台東的都蘭雷鬼。此次巡迴台北場加入了來自日本的bushman先生,在台北藝術大學、樂盒子跟村落餐廳都有演出。其中樂盒子演出是四月28日禮拜四晚上八點!Enjoy the reggae heat at 禮拜四~

domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

樂盒子Concerts in April.

Hello friends!

Here they are the concerts and events we propose this month in our place. If you are curious and you want to have a good time, come with your friends( or alone ) and meet here new people listening to good music!

15/4/2011 at 20:00 王小愚 :
 She is a Taiwanese Pop singer, she writes her own songs plays guitar and when you  hear her voice you feel she wants share with you her life's experiences.

16/4/2011 at 20:00 Feria de Abril:
Saturday night you will have the opportunity practice your dance skills in our Bar in this Sevilla Night two Taiwanese girls will dance and  after that they will try to teach some basic steps for our friends. Drink white wine and  fried fish Tapas like in the real Feria de Abril and the music from the south of Spain.

22/4/2011 at 20:00 "Strike" 鍾鬍子:

Strike is one of the few guys in Taiwan with beard ha,ha, ha! Seriously  I am waiting for this day because the audition day in our place, Luis and me, we were impressed by his voice and his ability playing guitar.

28/4/2011 at 20:00 Reggae Night:
Masta Red-I is known very  well  for everybody in Taitung and everytime comes to Taipei carries with him  sunshine and positive vibrations. In this concert  brings also his good friend and sax player from Okinawa Mr. Bushman!!
You can't come? I feel sorry for you because this night will be hot!

29/4/2011 at 20:00 高山梨花:
 It's the second time  we are glad to share in our stage the joy of this Aboriginal Taiwanese band .
If you missed the first time here is your chance, you need discover these guys!

Great!!!! first newspaper talking about us!!! we are so happy

here can see online :

viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

王小愚 in live April 15th at 樂盒子 stage.

This month starts, and we prepare new surprises, more concerts and events .
La Caja de Musica want to present some underground musicians, because we trust in their talent.
In our days the big companies try to introduce their products with big advertising campaigns spending a lot of money, even sometimes their "products" is not what we expecting.

We  believe in  pure things, more simple, full of heart, the real experiences we live everyday make our lives richer.

Here is the first band of April :


高中自己也加入了吉他社2004年秋天 在學業.音樂和工作中抉擇.於是離開了學校 決定一邊工作一邊玩音樂.人生志向不明.但是知道自己這輩子
就算是工作養自己和音樂也好.因為那是我人生中唯一堅持過的事 從離開學校的前一年.開始尋找可以一起玩音樂的朋友~一直到現在

You can listen to their music in:

Remember come to join the experience of live music, in the best atmosphere.  15 April 2011  at 20:00