martes, 20 de diciembre de 2016

BALKAZAR crazy night!! 30th December@La Caja de Musica

叮叮噹!「樂盒子」2016 年的最後一場演出即將熱鬧登場啦!誕生於台灣 Balkazar 樂團,是由一群愛好巴爾幹音樂的外國朋友們所組成的。根據團員不同的搭配組合,他們也有不同的名字,像是 La Cumbia Balkanska (LCB) 或是 Balkan Rogue International Jam (BRIJ)。Balkazar 的演出曲目多元,不管是改編或自創,他們都擅長將巴爾幹音樂的元素融入雷鬼、ska、放克、和東歐地區的音樂風格。

想要大啖美食、享受美酒、並跟著節奏盡情揮汗跳舞嗎?快來「樂盒子」,有 Balkazar 的音樂一切就對了!

Pierre - 鼓
Mark - 貝斯/單簧管
Christophe - 薩克斯風
Nicolas - 小喇叭/主唱
Marko - 吉他/主唱

【Balkazar 粉絲頁】


We want end the year from the best way possible!,and what is better than a party with the guys of Balkazar? 
Here is a introduction of what you will have, the band say:

-Nicolas our trumpet player is back in town for another Balkan crazy party ! See you in La Caja !!!
Balkazar is born in Taiwan thanks to a group of foreign nomad musicians united by their interest in Balkan music.
The band had many different setups and names including La Cumbia Balkanska (LCB) and Balkan Rogue International Jam (BRIJ).
The repertoire is made of covers and original songs, with a touch of rock, reagge, ska, funk, Eastern European music all branded with the unique Balkazar's Balkan flavour. Taste it, and you won't stop dancing!
More than a concert, listening to Bakazar is a journey.
Band members:
Pierre - drums
Mark- bass/clarinet
Christophe - saxophone
Nicolas - trumpet/vocals
Marko - guitar/vocals

Band page:

Open doors for Concert at 20:30 , entrance 300nt with a beer or soda included or ticket changeable of 100 nt in other drinks. 

miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2016

Merry Xmas to Everybody!!!!and happy new year!!!!

Jingle bellJingle bell~又到了歡樂的耶誕以及元旦節慶了!今年樂盒子跟大家一樣要與心愛的家人一起渡過,所以要與大家說聲抱歉啦!耶誕與元旦當天我們不會營業喔!!不過,平安夜與跨年宴歡迎來與我們一起歡樂一下,座位馬上就要爆滿,記得要趕快打來預 訂位專線︰0975330741

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, it's the festive time of Christmas and New year again!! This year La Caja De Musica will be closed on Chrismas 25th and New year 1
st day to spend time with our beloved ones as well. But come have fun with us on Christmas Eve and New year's Eve!! We are also getting super fully booked on these nights, remember to make your reservation SOON! Reservation: 0975330741

miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2016

慶祝您的尾牙西班牙風格 Celebrate Chinese New year party Spanish style!

Chinese New Year is so near and our restaurant is ready to celebrate with you the popular  dinners before the vacations (Wei-Ya). 
If you want to make something new this year you can try Spanish food and drinks, hurry up talk to your boss, partners . In La Caja de Musica we are able to accommodate parties from 20 to 40 people. Please reserve from now by email  , Line id: RDCN  ,phone 0920885996 / 0975330741
or facebook

趕快告訴你們老闆和同事吧! 我們可以容納20-40人左右的Party,請透過 email                                                       Line id: RDCN , facebook,電話 0920885996 /                                                        0975330741